Mobile Pest Control Management Software – Everything You Need in One App!

QR Code integration for service ticket trackingCustomer satisfaction is the key to success, especially in the pest control industry. A happy customer is most often a loyal returning customer, and keeping your customers happy can sometimes be a challenging task. An important aspect of growing and maintaining your customer base is make sure you are keeping up with the most up-to-date pest products, including pest management software, so that you can stay one step ahead of competing pest control companies.

With the amazing advances in technology in the past few years, almost everyone manages both their personal life and business tasks online. It is practically a requirement to not only be able to manage your business online, but that it can be run with mobile devices as well. This is especially true for pest pros because being out in the field it is necessary to have the ability to do certain tasks on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, instead of having to wait to get back to the office. Aceapp has responded to this need by the release of the Beevio App at the beginning of this year. Our software development team for the pest control industry realized that pest pros needed re-vamped pest management software that works smoothly a mobile solution. With Beevio you have access to great features within a completely web based pest software solution that is as easy and practical to use as you would hope. Highlighted features include:

  • Google maps integrated route mapping
  • Time on site tracking for service stops (including arrival and completion notification via email)
  • QR code integration for service ticket tracking and easy reference
  • Easy management of the schedule

Beevio mobile pest software also comes with remote backup service. You can feel safe and secure knowing that your pest control data is backed up locally by us as well as automatically in our cloud servers. You also have the ability to download you own encrypted backup anytime. Did we just say there are three levels of backup? Yes! Backing up your data is most definitely a critical part of ensuring that your pest control database is never truly lost. Should anything happen (power outage, computer crash, virus, etc.), you know that you can call us and right away your business can be up and running again with our extensive backup system for Beevio customers.

At Aceapp we pride ourselves on being an authority in pest control software and we understand the needs and demands of the pest control industry. Your pest control management software should be clean and easy to use with a logical work flow. With a completely web based approach to pest software, Beevio can answer all of your pest management problems. Big or small, your company’s daily mobile pest management needs can benefit from the Beevio App, and we continually are updating and improving the program so that it can remain as intuitive, efficient, and user-friendly as possible.

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Integrated Lead Management

To be smobile pest control service softwareuccessful at marketing your pest control business you need to have an efficient way to manage your sales leads. The rate at which you respond to a new lead as well as the quality of the communication can make or break your company with the level of competition experienced in today’s business world. You don’t have a moment to lose when you receive that initial information request for a quote or inspection. Potential customers need to be recognized right away and cared for accordingly. Funneling your leads to the appropriate person or department as soon as possible will give you the return investment your company needs and will make your advertising efforts worth the money spent.

Good strategy is key for your lead management program to work properly and smoothly. Trying to manage this on your own can become quite a struggle that only ends up giving you a headache instead of increased business. The last thing you want is for a lead to trash your response email because it either doesn’t address what they want or is too general for its own good. That’s why finding lead management software that works well with your pest company is crucial. Customers today want a personalized experience with businesses. They want to be treated like real people, not robots. Therefore, being able to cultivate a productive business relationship with your leads right from the start will assure the likelihood of creating satisfied long-time customers.

Integrated lead management is just one great feature offered by the new Beevio app. This essential component to your pest control software allows you to manage your leads with ease and when they are ready for conversion you simply create a new work order right in the program. Lead management in Beevio is a breeze with options like pop-up alerts, emails, and even text messages to show new leads that you have seen their inquiry and want to serve them. Different types of alerts can be scheduled depending on the time of day as well as the day of the week. Reliable lead management solutions that really work are what your pest company needs to succeed, and with Beevio, that and more is possible.

One tried and true common strategy to gain and maintain new leads is e-marketing. So the process of capturing and following up with your leads is a key part in the success of your business. Here at Aceapp we can actually build a custom lead capture form tailored specifically to your website that routes right into your online Beevio database. Don’t worry if you have more than one site that captures leads because the system automatically knows from which site each one came. Beevio’s intuitive lead management system helps you respond to and take control of your leads easily and efficiently, thus simplifying your pest management overall.

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Mobile Thermal Printers for Pest Pros

Brother PocketJet for iPhoneTechnology advances so quickly these days it can be difficult to keep up with all the latest and greatest tools. With Aceapp’s recent launch of the Beevio App, pest pros now have the ability to use mobile pest control software that is entirely web based and accessible from your device of choice (laptops, iPhones, Androids, iPads, etc.). It is now easier than ever to manage your pest control company with Beevio, and updates are being implemented all the time!

The latest buzz in mobile printing solutions for the field service industry should definitely perk the interest of pest control companies in particular. The latest model in Brother’s PocketJet 6 series mobile thermal printers is specifically tailored to be used with Apple iPad and iPhone devices for full-page printing. Other printers in this same series provide excellent features for printing receipts and reports directly from your vehicle at the touch of a button. You can either have these miniature portable printers mounted inside the service trucks or carried right in the special clipboard designed for it, depending on what you prefer. Being that thermal printers do not carry ink cartridges, they can be made very small, lightweight, and can withstand the general wear and tear from being inside a service vehicle (i.e. dirt, high/low temps, handling).

Customer service is our first and foremost goal and we are always looking for ways to make your company more successful. As we continually update our own software, we also want to help you find other solutions to help you along the way, such as with mobile thermal printers. Keep checking back with Aceapp for more ways to optimize your pest control business.

Mobile Pest Control App

Pest Control Software or App?

We love mobility and we actually prefer to call Beevio an App rather than “Software” or “Program”.  We don’t feel that using the words

Pest Control Software or Pest Control Program

really describe the all new Beevio App.  Software programs needed to be installed on computers and configured to work with servers and networks. They grow old without installing updates and seem to eventually not work with new operating systems. The Beevio App is mobile, requires no installation, and runs on any device with a browser. Your laptop or computer blows a hard drive or gets stolen? No problem, your data is securely stored in the cloud just waiting for you to log in. Beevio is the Pest Control App for those that are ready to surf into the future of mobile technology.