Integrated Lead Management

To be smobile pest control service softwareuccessful at marketing your pest control business you need to have an efficient way to manage your sales leads. The rate at which you respond to a new lead as well as the quality of the communication can make or break your company with the level of competition experienced in today’s business world. You don’t have a moment to lose when you receive that initial information request for a quote or inspection. Potential customers need to be recognized right away and cared for accordingly. Funneling your leads to the appropriate person or department as soon as possible will give you the return investment your company needs and will make your advertising efforts worth the money spent.

Good strategy is key for your lead management program to work properly and smoothly. Trying to manage this on your own can become quite a struggle that only ends up giving you a headache instead of increased business. The last thing you want is for a lead to trash your response email because it either doesn’t address what they want or is too general for its own good. That’s why finding lead management software that works well with your pest company is crucial. Customers today want a personalized experience with businesses. They want to be treated like real people, not robots. Therefore, being able to cultivate a productive business relationship with your leads right from the start will assure the likelihood of creating satisfied long-time customers.

Integrated lead management is just one great feature offered by the new Beevio app. This essential component to your pest control software allows you to manage your leads with ease and when they are ready for conversion you simply create a new work order right in the program. Lead management in Beevio is a breeze with options like pop-up alerts, emails, and even text messages to show new leads that you have seen their inquiry and want to serve them. Different types of alerts can be scheduled depending on the time of day as well as the day of the week. Reliable lead management solutions that really work are what your pest company needs to succeed, and with Beevio, that and more is possible.

One tried and true common strategy to gain and maintain new leads is e-marketing. So the process of capturing and following up with your leads is a key part in the success of your business. Here at Aceapp we can actually build a custom lead capture form tailored specifically to your website that routes right into your online Beevio database. Don’t worry if you have more than one site that captures leads because the system automatically knows from which site each one came. Beevio’s intuitive lead management system helps you respond to and take control of your leads easily and efficiently, thus simplifying your pest management overall.

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